Things to Do in Prague as an Aviation Student

If you wish to further your aviation education in Prague, you should look into what else you can do here except fly and study. After all, Prague is a striking city with a rich history dating back over a thousand years.

Prague, divided by the Vltava River, will astound even the most seasoned traveller with its Gothic elegance and Renaissance architecture, as well as its many world-class museums and baroque style churches and bridges.

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There is no shortage of things to see and do in Prague, from exploring the old alleyways and wandering down the riverfront to the Czech amazing cuisine and superb lagers.

The Czech capital city Prague has been crowned the best city in the world for students, according to a worldwide study conducted by (2019)

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Take a Stroll Through the Old Town Square

The Old Town Square is truly a place to behold. Every day, countless tourists are swarming the historical streets for their antique architecture and vibrant colour palettes. The square itself is full of talented street performers, musicians, and merchants lining up the streets.

Admire the Famous Astronomical Clock

While you're in the Old Town Hall, don't forget to witness the mechanical clock marking the turn of an hour. The show provides its onlookers never fails to satisfy. The Astronomical Clock is one of Prague's most treasured wonders. It was constructed in the fourteenth century and has been carefully preserved until today.

Find the Hanging Sigmund Freud

While strolling through the beautiful alleys of Stare Mesto at night, you may observe a man suspended from a metal beam. If you do, don't be alarmed; this is a seven-foot-tall sculpture of Sigmund Freud, the famed psychoanalyst. The sculpture is so popular that it can be found in numerous locations throughout the world, including Chicago, London, and Berlin.

Enjoy a Puppet Show

Puppet shows are a popular attraction and pastime for both locals and tourists in Prague. Throughout the city, you may discover a variety of specialist puppet businesses and makers. There's even a unique puppet museum. The National Marionette Theatre and Theatre Spejbl & Hurvinek, both offer popular shows, are the best sites to see a puppet show in Prague.

Take a Cruise on the Vltava
Vltava river

Seeing Prague from the Vltava River is a one-of-a-kind experience that allows you to observe the city's many historical structures and landmarks. These Cruises are cheap and frequently include lunch or dinner. Choosing a cruise that lasts two hours or more will ensure that you are aboard long enough to leave the rush and bustle of Prague's city centre and enjoy the tranquillity of some of the Vltava river's calmer riverbanks.

Drink a World-Class Beers

Czech citizens are proud of their breweries and claim that their beer is the best in the world. Prague is one of the best places to test that claim because of its numerous bars that serve famous lagers like Budvar and Staropramen. The majority of the Czech beers are light beers made from hand-picked hops. Beer connoisseurs should also visit the Prague Beer Museum, which has over 31 great beers on tap.

Visit the Prague Zoo

The Prague Zoo is dubbed one of the most prestigious zoos in the world. The place holds more than 5000 animals and 650 species, so you know there is plenty to see and admire. The Prague Zoo is the second most visited attraction in the city. You'll enjoy Elephant Valley, which is home to a big herd of Asian elephants, and The Giant Salamander House, where you can observe the world's largest amphibians, the critically endangered Chinese Giant Salamanders. You can also visit the African House, which is located next to a large meadow populated by herds of antelopes and giraffes.


Whether you're going for a visit or a student looking to further your education, Prague will leave you with wonder and plenty of great memories.

This article's list is by no means exhaustive. There are many additional locations and things to explore and enjoy, such as seeing the iconic Prague Castle or strolling down the Charles Bridge.

Published by Patrik Dvorak

Patrik is an experienced training manager responsible for the standard and quality of the training programme. After graduating from CTU in Prague, he has held positions in numerous flight training organizations with focus on training of professional pilots.

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