What a Typical Day of a Cadet Pilot Looks Like?

One thing is for sure, cadet pilot training is not for the faint hearted. And neither is it for those who lack enough self discipline, endurance and diligence. You have decided to become a commercial airline pilot, and with our Cadet Pilot Programme our goal is to train the best professionals on a global scale.

That is why we have created a brand new cadet programme which meets all important requirements in terms of support, guidance, testing and practice.

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How We Make Sure Our Students Succeed

To ensure that our programme prepares cadets for their pilot career successfully, initially, we had carried out thorough research focused on identifying what students find most challenging. The results indicated that rather than flying a plane itself, it is the theoretical, academic part which troubles them greatly. Without systematic academic support, students might easily fall behind, lose motivation and quit the training for good.

Therefore, we have come up with a programme which puts strong emphasis on a friendly, supportive environment.

Our Cadet Advisory Programme Will Never Leave You in the Lurch

Whenever our cadets feel they need additional support, tutoring or help, they can turn to their assigned mentors. Their job is to maximally prepare you to ensure that you pass your training flights, tests and exams.

Unlike in other training programmes and flight schools, our attendants can always rely on advisors professional support.

For those students who find themselves in need of extra support, we offer further improvement plans tailored to their specific requirements. As a result, thanks to our personalised, supportive approach, the vast majority of our cadets succeed in tests and finish the training. But what is most important, they are well prepared to work as pilots for global airlines all around the world, right after they complete the training.

A Typical Day of a Student Pilot in 5 steps

Well, at this point, you might be asking yourself: What is my daily life actually going to look like? While the everyday schedule keeps students fairly busy, doing our course is an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding experience at the same time.

Typically, attendants spend about 5 days per week and 8 hours of duty per day at the airport. And although every day will be slightly different, it generally looks as following:

1) After arrival at the airport, you will have to check in, complete initial administrative tasks and get ready.

2) Briefing time. Your flight instructor will introduce you to your training programme, including tasks, goals, deadlines you should meet that day, and other details.

3) Head for the cockpit! With the assistance of your instructor, you will work on your flying skills both in a plane and using a simulator. Afterwards, your instructor will evaluate the lesson with you and provide you with valuable feedback.

4) After completion of the practical part, in the afternoon you will spend some time self studying to broaden your knowledge.

5) For the rest of the day, you are likely to hone your skills using a flight simulator, discussing problems and queries with your advisor, share fresh experiences with fellow cadets and do your homework.

During the first 8 to 12 months, you will hardly ever get bored, being occupied with the demanding, yet engaging and rewarding daily schedules. Our training plan features various activities and tasks, both in a real cockpit and a modern simulator that will keep you motivated and eager to learn.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, do not hesitate and take the first step towards this exciting career by applying for our programme today. In just 24 months, you will receive the best-quality training which will enable you to become an airline pilot and enjoy all the benefits this job has to offer.

Published by Patrik Dvorak

Patrik is an experienced training manager responsible for the standard and quality of the training programme. After graduating from CTU in Prague, he has held positions in numerous flight training organizations with focus on training of professional pilots.

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