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Every candidate who wants to take advantage of our sponsorship scheme and cadet pilot programme must have successfully passed our selection process. This is how we identify the most talented, motivated candidates who have the ability and potential to complete the course and become qualified, employed pilots.

After applying for the programme, shortlisted candidates will be asked to undergo scientifically designed assessments to determine their suitability for employment as airline pilots.

The selection process is not just about ticking boxes and checking skills - it's an opportunity for potential cadets to showcase their skills across a range of areas. We are looking to see where our financial investment is best placed, and we only select the best candidates for progression into the training programme.

What does the selection process entail?

The selection process consists of four stages. First and second stage will be done online. Successful candidates will be then invited to Manila in August 2022 for the third and fourth stage.

First Stage - Online Application

The first stage is to pass the application screening. We will check everything that you have told us, so honesty, accuracy and transparency is an absolute must. We will then compile a shortlist of candidates we would like to see more of.

Second Stage - Online Assessment

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to undertake online testing. This consists of two stages – the first is free for all candidates, the second is only for those who successfully pass the first stage and costs the candidate $300. These stages have been designed to determine your technical and non-technical proficiencies, as well as behavioural/situational assessments which focus on how you deal with various situations and how you prefer to interact in your personal and work life.

Passing the online assessment phase will mean that you get invited to our main selection day, which will be held in Manila (Philippines) in August 2022.

Third Stage - Group Activity Exercise

You will be asked to complete a group activity along with your fellow candidates. This is a chance for you to show us your interpersonal skills; we’re looking at communication, teamwork, decision-making and problem solving, among other attributes.

Fourth Stage - Interview with Selection Committee

Next is an approximately 30 minutes long, face-to-face interview. This is primarily about competencies, and you will be required to provide recent, relevant and detailed answers.

The selection process is not easy - we're looking for the best candidates with the right tools to complete the course successfully. However, our team will make sure to put you at your ease and build an environment that lets you relax and be yourself - we need to see the real you at these events.

Medical Conditions

You are not required to disclose any personal medical information as part of the selection process, but you should be aware that you will need a medical certificate (EASA Class 1) to progress to the training programme if your application and selection are successful.

Patrik Dvorak - Training Manager

Patrik is an experienced training manager responsible for the standard and quality of the training programme. After graduating from CTU in Prague, he has held positions in numerous flight training organizations with focus on training of professional pilots.

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CADETPILOT.AERO is fully sponsored training programme which takes beginner or novice candidates with little to no flying experience and qualifies them to become qualified airline pilots. Successful graduates are guaranteed a commercial pilot job in one of our parner airline companies.

All candidates must have proof of Filipino citizenship, be at least 18 years old, have a minimum of a high school education, and be fluent in written and spoken English.

Yes. CADETPILOT.AERO will cover all the costs of the training including your housing and a monthly stipend. Reimbursement payments commence only when a graduate has secured employment with an airline via salary deductions. There is no interest rate applied, no hidden costs, and no unexpected fees.

Note: Shortlisted applicants who reach the second stage of the assessment process will pay $300 application fee that covers the advanced screening and psychometric testing in preparation for final admissions interview.

Training takes place over the course of 24 months, in Prague, Czech Republic (EU) with start days throughout the calendar year.

Candidates admitted into our programme are given their choice of preferred start dates. Usually, there are approximately five different start days throughout the calendar year. These are the dates offered to candidates pending availability. After a candidate is selected for the programme, he or she has one year to commence their training course. This deadline can be extended for a maximum of two years.

Note: If the candidate is a university student, he (she) will be permitted to finish his (her) studies before commencing the training.

Yes, successful graduates earn their pilot licence and are guaranteed a commercial pilot job. Successful graduates are required to pay back the training costs via salary deduction only after they are secured employment by CADETPILOT.AERO in one of our partner airline companies.

Beyond completing high school, applicants are not required to have completed any higher education or advanced technical training.

There is no age limit for admittance into the program provided applicants pass their evaluation and demonstrate the mandatory mental health and medical qualifications.

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